Big congrats to all of the amazing yogis who participated in the 21 day challenge! You are all rockstars! 


Ignite Your Rebel is a 21 day challenge that works your mind and asana! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a newbie, we challenge you to take a class every day for 21 days at Rebel.

The hardest part each day will likely be getting on the mat – make time, stay focused and choose to make the experience your own. This 21 Day challenge is intended to support you in finding what feels good in the New Year. So, though it may be challenging to make time for your practice – just do it – knowing that it is okay to adapt, change, modify, rebel and do your own thing at any time. Stick with our challenge and by the end you’ll end up with some sweet prizes and an awesome yoga practice! Join our tribe, work up a sweat, and Ignite Your Rebel!

Here are the rules

  • Challenge begins January 8th and ends January 28th
  • Come to class every day for 21 days
  • Put a sticker on your card once you’ve completed a class
  • You can miss up to 3 days and still be in the challenge… but any more days and you’re out
  • You can make up a missed class by the end of the week — which means you have to take 2 classes in one day
  • Make it all the way to the end you’ll receive one month of unlimited yoga in our studio
  • To participate, you must purchase a 21 day challenge yoga package for $175
  • Challenge package is only valid during the 21 day challenge
  • All other class packs and monthly unlimited passes will be on hold during the challenge
  • Student discounts do not apply
  • No refunds
  • No exceptions